SentiAR Closes An Oversubscribed $5.1 Million Series A Round With TechWald Holding As A Strategic Shareholder

The financing follows FDA clearance of groundbreaking mixed reality CommandEP™ system, allowing electrophysiologists to visualize cardiac anatomy in hands-free, real-time 3D

ST. LOUISApril 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — SentiAR, a pioneer in visualization technology for interventional procedures, has closed an oversubscribed $5.1 million Series A financing, which will allow the company to accelerate innovation on its groundbreaking mixed reality CommandEP™ system.

SentiAR is revolutionizing cardiac surgery and other interventional procedures by providing physicians with holographic visualization through mixed reality. The FDA 510(k) cleared CommandEP™ system is the first guidance system of this type to be used during invasive cardiac procedures.

TechWald Holding joined the round as the company’s newest investor, supporting SentiAR financially and operationally. Other investors in the Series A funding include BioGenerator (the investment arm of BioSTL), Cultivation Capital, VCapital, Neue Fund, QRM Capital, and Keiretsu Forum.

“I had the privilege to focus on important and truly innovative technologies in the electrophysiology field for 25 years. SentiAR is leading the next breakthrough in this field as well as other interventional procedures,” said Shlomo Shpun, Partner and Chief Scientific Officer of TechWald Holding. “The TechWald Team looks forward to supporting SentiAR for CommandEP and the other products they have in the pipeline.”

With the Medtech mixed reality landscape booming to be worth an estimated $33.72 billion by 2027, SentiAR is well-poised to capture a fair share of the 41.2% CAGR.

“We are thrilled with the financial and operational support from TechWald Holding and particularly pleased to welcome TechWald Partner, Shlomo Shpun, as a valued member of our Board of Directors,” comments Berk Tas, SentiAR CEO. “Mr. Shpun is a reputable industry expert in electrophysiology and has been previously involved in the development of several major EP technologies. With several decades of industry expertise, Mr. Shpun will actively contribute to SentiAR’s Board.”

SentiAR technology is based on research spun out from Washington University in St. Louis by Dr. Jennifer Silva MD, Associate Professor of Pediatric Cardiology, and Dr. Jonathan Silva Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering. SentiAR’s first product, CommandEP system, receives imaging data from electroanatomic mapping systems and creates a 3D holographic image via SentiAR’s proprietary data flow and visualization algorithms. This patented system presents a 3D image of the patient’s heart showing the real-time positions of catheters used for the procedure via a wearable headset. In addition to their proprietary algorithms, SentiAR deploys a custom AR engine to deliver uncompromising performance. The CommandEP system demonstrated up to 50% improvement in point navigation accuracy in clinical studies1.

About SentiAR, Inc.
SentiAR, Inc., based in St. Louis, MO., is developing the first application of Mixed Reality technology for use during interventional procedures, starting with cardiac ablation procedures, including the treatment of atrial fibrillation. The SentiAR platform provides an immersive command center for the clinicians by presenting a 3D hologram of the patient’s electro-anatomic data in real-time. This solution gives the clinician unprecedented control via SentiAR’s patent-protected, intuitive gaze interface and provides invaluable insight to guide physician diagnosis and catheter navigation. Learn more about SentiAR at

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