Bendit Technologies Announces First-in-World Successful Neurointerventional Procedure

The BENDIT Microcatheter Saved the Life of a Man Stricken with Deadly Brain Aneurysm

TEL AVIV, IsraelOct. 29, 2020

BENDIT Technologies, an industry leader in the development of steerable microcatheters, announced today the successful results of the first in world, life-saving procedure, using the BENDIT neuro microcatheter, in Sheba Medical Center, Israel.

The BENDIT Steerable microcatheter enables doctors to deliver treatment quickly and precisely where it is needed most. The team of doctors at the Sheba Medical Center’s Neuro-Interventional & Stroke Center performed the life-saving neuro-interventional procedure on a 74 year-old man with a massive brain aneurysm, using the BENDIT steerable device, which had never been used before on a patient anywhere in the world.

“The patient had a giant brain aneurysm that was compressing his brainstem and had a high risk of brain hemorrhage,” explained Dr. David Orion, Acute Stroke Director & Neuro Endovascular Surgeon at the Sheba Medical Center. “The previous endovascular procedures we performed with the standard devices were unsuccessful due to this patient’s complicated anatomy and the presence of crucial brain arteries coming out of the aneurysm.”

He continued, “We requested a compassionate approval from Israel’s Ministry of Health to use it on our patient, because we felt it was a life or death situation.”

He concluded, “This is the first-ever use of the BENDIT microcatheter in a neuro indication, with very successful results, and in my opinion, may dramatically change the endovascular field.”

According to Yossi Mazel, CEO of the Petach Tikva-based medical device company, “Providing endovascular intervention for the brain and hard-to-access organs is a race against time. Being unable to move a catheter through a bend in the artery can result in delayed treatment and devastating outcomes.”

He added, “The founders and team are experts at the forefront of medical innovations. Dr. Orion’s successful procedure using our device showcases a new frontier in the treatment of brain aneurysms and beyond.”

Dr. Alex Bernstein,  MD a Clinical Professor and Director of the Pediatric Cerebrovascular Program at the Mount Sinai Health System in New York, and board member at BENDIT added, “I congratulate Dr. Orion on a job well done on performing the first-ever BENDIT neuro procedure.”

About BENDIT Technologies : BENDIT Technologies is a medical device company developing breakthrough technologies for steerable microcatheters, providing surgeons with 3D-controlled bending and navigation capabilities for peripheral vascular, neurovascular and cardiology indications. The Company’s patented technology reduces the complex catheterization procedure to a single step, and enables radial access to reduce patient risk. BENDIT Technologies has already received FDA and CE Mark for the company’s microcatheter with an indication for peripheral use and will be submitting the BENDIT microcatheter for the neurovascular indication in the near future.

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